Methods Used in Restoration of Flood Damaged Paper Objects

DJANIC et al poster 1Authors: Karmen Đanić, Valnea Gjivić, Barbara Butigan and Domenika Krasan
Mentor: Tanja Dujaković, Teaching Assistant

Department of Art and Restoration, University of Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Study programme: Graduate programme in conservation-restoration
Specialization: Paper (1st year of study)


The poster is inspired by the objects which the students of Conservation and Restoration of Paper had the opportunity to restore as part of their final year MA project. It concerns the recovery of paper artefacts following flood. The poster presents theoretical and practical aspects of the issue, describing two sets of procedures, those which are applied in the recovery of individual objects and those which are applied on large quantities of damaged material. Any work on the objects is preceded by the object’s (or objects’) condition check, value estimation and damage ranking. Based on this, a decision is made concerning the appropriate method of recovery, i.e. whether to recover individual object or to perform "mass" recovery. Interventive treatment on individual objects usually includes separation of the pages with the appropriate chemical substances,  while mass methods use freeze drying, lyophilisation, deacidification... The poster presents examples of both methods, taken from the Conservation and Restoration of Paper studio practice and used in the recovery of the objects, on which the students have had the opportunity to work.

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Short biographies

KARMEN ĐANIĆ was born on the 8th of August 1994, st Dubrovnik. She finished comprehensive high school at Dubrovnik.

VALNEA GJIVIĆ was born on the 27th of May 1995, at Dubrovnik. She has finished "Luka Sorkočević" Art School at Dubrovnik.

BARBARA BUTIGAN was born on the 15th of July 1994, at Dubrovnik. She finished comprehensive high school at Dubrovnik.

DOMENIKA KRASAN was born on the 7th of May 1995, at Podgorica (Montenegro). She finished Marketing and Trade Technician High School at Tivat.

In 2017, they all graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Conservation and Restoration of Paper from the University of Dubrovnik and are currently in their 1st year of the Master’s Programme of Conservation and Restoration of Paper.