Photodocumentation of Cultural heritage (Objects): Tips on Studio and On Site (in situ) Approaches

GOLDIN posterAuthor: Ivan Goldin
Mentor: Mario Braun, Lecturer

Department for Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art, Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb (Croatia)
Study programme: Integrated undergraduate and graduate course of study in conservation-restoration
Specialization: Sculpture (4th year of study)


The poster contains simplified yet essential tips on how to plan photo shooting in different conservation and restoration situations, including the selection of appropriate lens and the set-up of basic parameters, in order to make photographic documentation more reliable even in the conditions which are not ideal.

Click here to view the poster. (PDF // 1.48 MB)

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Short biography

IVAN GOLDIN was born in 1989, in Zagreb. After finishing photography at the School of Applied Arts and Design, he started work for various magazines. At the same time he attended a university course in sound engineering at the SAE Institute, Ljubljana, which he completed in 2013.  Since 2014 he has been studying conservation and restoration of sculptures at the Academy of Fine Art, Zagreb (Croatia).