Challenges Facing the Protection of Textile Items from Island of Lopud

MARGETIC posterAuthor: Lucijana Margaretić
Mentors: Danijela Jemo, PhD, Assistant; Mateo Miguel K. Kesovia, MA, Assistant

University of Dubrovnik, Department of Art and Restoration
Study programme: Conservation and Restoration
Specialization: Textile conservation (2nd year of the Bachelor's programme)


Church textiles are rich and diverse, and as part of movable cultural heritage they require special conditions of care and storage, so that valuable items would be preserved for future generations. The team consisting of the Head of the Art and Restoration Department prof. dr. sc. Denis Vokić, leader of textile restoration workshop dr. sc. Danijela Jemo, senior assistant, Mateo M. Kodrič Kesovia, assistant and students: Irma M. Dropulić, Danijela Erak and Lucijana Margaretić, at the request of Conservation Department of Ministry of Culture, has been on the island of Lopud with the intent of implementing a project of systematic care for the textile items from the Church of Our Lady of Šunj at the island of Lopud. The first phase of the project covered implementation of the in situ protection and preparation for their transport to the textile restoration workshop at the University of Dubrovnik. The second phase took place in the textile workshop at the University and has covered inventory of the items, preparation of detailed documentation for each item, mechanical cleaning and storage according to the rules of the profession.

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Short biography

Lucijana Margaretić was born in Dubrovnik, February 11th 1995. She finished medical highschool for physiotherapist and now she attends second year at the University of Dubrovnik, Art and Restoration Department. She is specializing in conservation of textile.