Resistance of Paraloid B-72 to Temperature and UV Radiation

SPERAC posterAuthor: Nadja Šperac
Mentors: Branko Matulić, PhD, Professor; Ivica Ljubenkov, PhD, Associate Professor; Nikola Radošević,  Lecturer; Krešimir Bosnić, Lecturer

Arts Academy in Split (Croatia)
Study programme: Integrated undergraduate and graduate course of study in conservation-restoration
Specialization: Wall paintings and mosaic (graduated in February 2016)


Paraloid B-72 is a thermoplastic, non-yellowing, synthetic resin. Its composition can be chemically described as a co-polymer of methacrylate and ethyl-methacrylate. Due to its chemical stability, reversibility, good ageing characteristics, and its compatibility with various materials, it is vastly used in art conservation as a consolidant, adhesive, insulator, varnish. It is compatible with almost all materials. According to the previously obtained research results, Paraloid B-72 is sensitive to humidity, which may cause microorganism attack. This posed the subsequent question of its resistance to high temperatures and UV radiation. The overall aim of the current study is to determine the durability of Paraloid B-72 as a protective coating on wall paintings and stucco decoration in outdoor environments. The collated data could impact future decisions concerning the use of Paraloid B-72 as an effective protective material for such surfaces. Considering the complexity of the matter, and having in mind the research objectives, instrumental techniques for analytical chemistry were used, such as thermogravimetric analysis and IR spectroscopy. Some thermal-ageid and UV samples, which where treated through 302 hours (thermal) and 1072 hours (UV) showed low its stability, based on the changes visible on FT-IR spectra and thermograms.


Short biography

After having finished the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Split as a Photographic Designer, NAĐA ŠPERAC completed an integrated undergraduate and graduate programme of study in conservation-restoration, in 2016. She also finished a course on Web design at "Algebra" Open University.