Interpretation of pattern on chasuble inv. no. 5A

nevzala-posterAuthor: Petar Nevžala 
Mentor: Danijela Jemo, Teaching Assistant; Mateo Miguel K. Kesovia, Teaching Assistant

University of Dubrovnik, Art and Restoration Department (Croatia)
Undergraduate Programme in Conservation-Restoration (BA)
Specialization: Conservation-restoration of textile, 3rd study year

Chasuble is part of a set of liturgical vestments from the church of St. Mary on Lokrum. Poster was created as a result of the first stage of preventive conservation and it is about interpretation of pattern on chasuble inv. no. 5A. It was analyzed the historical context of appearance of similar patterns, the impact of waveing technology on the quality of design and it was made iconographical and iconological interpretation. Comparing with similar examples it is given conclusion how such an analysis can be helpful in the dating of objects and determining its historical and artistic value.



Short biography
PETAR NEVŽALA was born in Varaždin, February 10th 1992. He finished highschool for interior design in Čakovec. He participated with his finishing work (desk of his own design) on exhibition of Society of innovators of Varaždin city "IDIVA 2011". With his volleyball team he won national junior championship season 2008/2009. He is a 3rd year student at department of conservation and restauration of textile on University of Dubrovnik. For the purpose of practicle lessons he worked as a subcontractor in City museum Varaždin and in Croatian Conservation Institute (center Ludbreg) in collaboration on project of first stage of conservation and restauration on flag.