Identification, conservation and restoration of the wall painting situated in the cloister of the Sanctuary of the Our Lady Queen of Families in Wambierzyce

zejler-posterAuthor: Wiktoria Zejler
Mentor: Mieczysław Stec, Associate Professor

Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków (Poland)
Study programme: Conservation and Restoration of Art 
Specialization: Conservation-restoration of  paintings, 6th study year

A poster was made to present almost the whole process of conservation and restoration of the mural painting. It includes: research investigating the presence of hidden mural paintings, uncovering, removal of overpainting layers, cleaning, chemical analysis and, at present stage, technical reinforcement. These steps made possible an iconographic investigation in order to find an analogy in history of art and to visualize how it propably looked in the past. The whole work was supported by research in documentation, in literature, in history of Basilica in Wambierzyce - a multicultural pilgrime and tourist centre. Theoretical and chemical examination confirms a hypothesis about dating of the object, its authorship and the provenance of a local painter.





Short biography
WIKTORIA ZEJLER was born on January 4th 1988. She finished the High School of Fine Arts in Częstochowa. She was the stipendist of the Prime Minister and the President of this town. Now she’s the 6th year student of Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Work of Arts. She did work experience in the field of wall paintings conservation at the Częstochowa Monastery, also in Lower Silesia, where she’s working on the subject of her master's thesis.