Conservation-Restoration Works on a Flavius Valens Sarcophagus from Salona

ZOHIL posterAuthor: Martin Zohil
Mentors: Ivo Donelli, Full Professor; Siniša Bizjak, Assistant Professor

Department of Conservation-Restoration, Arts Academy of the University of Split (Croatia)
Study programme: Integrated undergraduate and graduate course of study in conservation-restoration
Specialization: Stone (3rd year of study)


The poster contains the overview of the conservation-restoration works carried out on a 4th century sarcophagus from Salona. When the sarcophagus arrived at the Department’s stone objects studio, it was  in a precarious condition. Since much of its sides was lost or broken, it was in need of an extensive reconstruction. The replacements in artificial stone (which was structurally reinforced) were applied in thin layers to allow proper drying. They were put in place and secured with stainless steel pins. The missing  decoration was  reconstructed from and old photograph, traced and carved with traditional tools.

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Short biography

MARTIN ZOHIL was born on December 12, 1996 in Pula (Croatia). From 2010 till 2015 he attended the Stone Masons’ School at  Pučišća. In 2015 he enrolled at the Arts Academy in Split, where he is currently getting his MA in stone conservation. He has participated in several stone conservation-restoration projects, including the conservation-restoration of the coat of arms from the Franciscan monastery at Krapanj and the conservation-restoration of a sarcophagus from Salona.