Elecrolytic Cleaning and Silvering

KUNJASIC posterAuthors: Ira Fabrio and Antonia Kunjašić
Mentor: Marta Stanic, Teaching Assistant

Department of Art and Restoration, University of Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Study programme: Undergraduate programme in conservation-restoration
Specialization: Metalwork (2nd year of study)


Electrolytic cleaning is a method of removing soil, scale or corrosion products from a metal surface by subjecting it, as an electrode, to an electric current in an electrolytic bath. Electrolysis cleaning works somewhat like chrome plating in reverse. By connecting the positive and negative wires, the opposite of the plating process, you get crud and rust removal.

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Short biographies

ANTONIA KUNJAŠIĆ comes from Korčula and was born at Dubrovnik in 1991. After finishing high school of economics, she moved to Berlin. She is currently studying at the University of Dubrovnik. She is in her second year of undergraduate studies of Restoration and Conservation of Metalwork. Last two years she spent four weeks in Florence, doing her practical training.

IRA FABRIO comes from Grad Grobnik, a place near Rijeka. She was born at Rijeka in 1997, where she finished "Prva sušačka hrvatska gimnazija u Rijeci" Grammar School. After that Ira goes to Dubrovnik to study Restoration and Conservation of Metalwork at the University of Dubrovnik. She is now in her second year of undergraduate studies. In her first and second years she spent eight weeks (four + four) in Florence, doing practical tasks in the laboratory of the Palazzo Spinelli Institute.