The Fragments of Wall Paintings From Issa

BOSKOVIC posterAuthor: Marija Lena Bošković
Mentors: Nikola Radošević, Lecturer; Krešimir Bosnić, Lecturer

Arts Academy in Split (Croatia)
Study programme: Integrated undergraduate and graduate course of study in conservation-restoration
Specialization: Wall Paintings and Mosaics (4th year of study)


Archaeological excavations carried out in 2012 and 2013, at the site of Issa on the island of Vis, have revealed plenty of fragments of wall paintings dated back to the time of Antique Issa, or more precisely to the first century AD, when the baths, the forum and the theatre were built. Around thirty crates with fragments are the object of complex conservation activities at the Department for Wall Paintings and Mosaics at the Arts Academy at Split, while the rest is stored at the Archaeological Museum of Split, which conducts the research. The fragments are relatively well preserved and of high artistic quality. They were made by buon fresco technique in which pigments make a permanent bond with the plaster due to the carbonation of lime. Some of the fragments are monochrome. The others contain parts of geometric and vegetative patterns and animal and human figures. The exact contents of the paintings will however be clearer after the fragments are joined together.

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Short biography

MARIJA LENA BOŠKOVIĆ was born in Selca on the island of Brač, in 1993. After finishing grammar school, she enrolled into the Department of Conservation-Restoration of the Arts Academy of the University of Split. She is currently a fourth year student in the field of conservation-restoration of wall paintings and mosaics.