Conservation-restoration of a 19th Ct. pistol, type kubura ledenica (ice pistol)

KORDA posterAuthor: Stela Korda
Mentor: Expert Associate Renata Andjus

University of Dubrovnik, Department of Art and Restoration (Croatia)
Study programme: Conservation and Restoration
Specialization: Metal (2nd year of the Master's programme)


This poster details the steps involved in the restoration and conservation of a 19th century pistol, type kubura ledenica. "Ice pistols" or ledenice are flintlock guns that appeared in the Balkan region since the 17th century. They were lavishly decorated and covered with silver. It was an integral part of the male folk costume until the mid 20th century and worn on special occasions.
This ice pistol that was restored and conserved was recieved in good condition. The silver parts of the gun oxidized and darkened with time. Iron–made firing mechanism and gun barrel were covered with rust. The pistol was disassembled and all of the parts were cleaned and conserved with chemical and mechanical processes. Main spring of the mechanism was found detached and had to be welded back in place. Finally, the iron elements were lacquered and silver polished.

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Short biography

STELA KORDA is a fifth-year student at the University of Dubrovnik, specializing in conservation and restoration of metals. Stela was born in Dubrovnik in 1990. She enrolled in university in 2010. During her studies, Stela  acquired extensive experience in conservation and restoration of metal objects both at the Dubrovnik museums and at Palazzo Spinelli in Florence, Italy.