Mosaics in Diocletian’s Palace: Preservation in situ

LOVRIC et al Authors: Jelena Petričević, Nikolina Lovrić and Zrinka Vukorepa
Mentor: Krešimir Bosnić, Lecturer; Nikola Radošević, Lecturer

Arts Academy in Split (Croatia)
Study programme: Integrated undergraduate and graduate course of study in conservation-restoration
Specialization: Mosaics and wall paintings (3rd year of study)


The poster presents a brief summary of a arheological investigations and conservation restoration treatments of a floor mosaics in the historic core of Split. The mosaics in question are dated to the 3rd century AD. It is believed that they were made by the Salona workshop which was particularly active around that time. The mosaics are periodically restored, but being located outdoors and without a protective covering, they are susceptible to all sorts of damage. Since their discovery to date a significant part of the mosaics has vanished due to inadequate care.


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Short biographies

JELENA PETRIČEVIĆ was born in 1993, in Split, Croatia. She attended the Secondary School of Design, Graphics and Sustainable Building, at Split. In 2013. she enrolled into the Arts Academy at Split, and Is currently in her third year of study in the Department of Conservation-Restoration of mosaics, wall paintings and stuccowork.

NIKOLINA LOVRIĆ was born in 1992, in Šibenik. In 2013, after graduating from the Secondary School of Fine Art at Split, she enrolled into the Arts Academy at Split. After 3 years of foundation studies at the Department of Conservation-Restoration, she undertook specialization in wall paintings and mosaics.

ZRINKA VUKOREPA was born in Split, Croatia in 1993, where she finished grammar school. Currently, she is a 3rd-year student at the Conservation- Restoration Department of the Arts Academy of the University of Split. Her specialty is wall paintings and mosaics.