Pair of angels candle holders

Rapaic posterAuthor: Dunja Rapaić
Mentor: Associate Professor Andrej Aranicki, MA 

Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb (Croatia) 
Study programme: Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art 
Specialization: Sculpture (4th year of study)


In October 2014, a pair of candle holders with angels arrived in the Department of Conservation and Restoration of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia , in a very poor condition. The angels were brought from the sacristy of Saint George the Martyr in Lešće na Dobri, Karlovac County, Croatia, which falls under the responsibility of the Conservation Department in Karlovac.  The mentor, Assoc. Professor Andrej Aranicki, and Tanja Horvatić, the art historian and senior consultant-conservator from Karlovac, agreed that the objects should be treated using the so called “galleristic” approach. Katarzyna Bizon (a student from Poland involved with the Erasmus programme) and myself carried out the conservation works on the angels. Katarzyna worked on them in the winter semester of the current academic year, and when she left for home, I continued work on both angels.

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Short biography

DUNJA RAPAIĆ was born in 1988 in Koprivnica. She is a fourth-year student of conservation-restoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Before taking the entrance exam at the Academy of Fine Arts in 2011, Dunja graduated from the Gymnasium "Fran Galović" in Koprivnica (2007) and the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb (2010), where she earned the title Univ. bacc. ing. graph. tehn.