Bicorn Hat with a Fitted Hatbox and Two Portepees

Author: Ava Hermann
Mentors: Gabriela Krist, PhD, Professor; Tanja Kimmel, Assistant Lecturer

University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Institute for Conservation (Austria)
Study programme: Conservation and Restoration
Specialization: Textiles (3rd year of study)


Ava HermannThe bicorn hat with fitted hatbox and two portepees are part of the permanent exhibition of the Franzensburg at Schlosspark Laxenburg in Austria. They were chosen to be restored at the Institute for Conservation (Head: Gabriela Krist), University of Applied Arts Vienna. The bicorn hat is conform with the clothing regulations of Emperor Franz Joseph's k.u.k army for a German general's Gala-uniform in the 19th century. As part of the conservation process, a report of the inventory and the condition of the ensemble were made. The mixed media objects are made of textile, wood, leather, metal, paper, cardboard, rubber and feathers and showed a strong mold infestation. Therefore, the conservation focused on the treatment of the non-active mold on different materials. The hatbox showed further damages, such as large tears and missing parts on the backside of the box. The leather parts of the box were infected with red rot. Important aspects of the project were securing methods for the preservation of the objects, as well as the stabilization of the decomposed leather. Due to the previous mold and beetle infestation, the exhibition conditions for the ensemble are crucial and should be considered in the future. For this purpose, a catalog for museum conditions has been elaborated and a fitting support for the bicorn hat and the portepees has been made.

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Short biography

AVA HERMANN is a student at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the Institute for Conservation and Restoration and is specializing in the restoration of textiles. She is in her 6th semester and has a background as a professional dressmaker. Before her studies she worked in several restoration workshops for different museums.